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E-MAGE-IN 3D Ltd development is specialized in the new technology of 3D printing.

One of E-MAGE-IN 3D’s aims is to develop innovating solutions balancing new economy and craft industry.

For that purpose, E-MAGE-IN 3D’s activities are spreading around 2 areas:

  • industries
  • arts

Thus, E-MAGE-IN 3D’s staff combine their skills in matter of design consultancy, provision of service and distribution so that 3D printing technology works for all.

E-MAGE-IN 3D Ltd is found on three fundamental pillars:

a common vision

a large range of technical and human skills


a sales force



As the company founder members are also dedicated to the local socioeconomic and professional development, E-MAGE-IN 3D Ltd is settled in Camaret-sur-Mer. Camaret is a French port town situated at the very end of Crozon Peninsula, in the Finistère department (Brittany - FRANCE). 

Thanks to its technological potential, E-MAGE-IN 3D Ltd wishes indeed to interconnect military with tourist and craft industries present on its territory.

E-MAGE-IN 3D Ltd extends the scope of its activities from the local to the international scale.

So, give your imagination free rein and explore new ways to revolutionize the industry with E-MAGE-IN 3D Ltd!